Jungle Survival Treks

Well-experienced guides will accompany you on this 2 day, 1 night Jungle Survival Experience deep in the Khao Sok National Park.

They will teach you how to stay alive in a tropical forest, how to build a shelter, and their stories of growing up in the jungle.

How do you find and prepare edible plants? How do you catch a frog or a fish? And where do you find water? You also will learn more about yourself, your body's needs and your limits.

Please note Jungle Survival requires good phsyical fitness, experience with camping, and a willingness to "rough it." Also, entrance fee for the national park is not included in the price.

To bring: long pants, long-sleeve shirt, sturdy light hiking shoes, sandals, changes of clothing, backpack

Included: Guide, meals, sleeping equipment   

Price: 3500 ฿ per person

Khao Sok Booking